Bubble Words, the game

You’ve never played a word game like this… under the sea! In this addictive new word game, users must help Little Crab save his adorable animals friends by popping bubbles and completing as many missions as they can.

The longer the words, the bigger the winnings! Players can test their brain power and see if they can outscore their friends!


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At a time when all apps seem like copies of the same old games, Bubble Words: Letter Splash is a true original. It’s a unique mix between addictive word puzzles and popular bubble popper games. Bubble Words combines elements of classic games like Scrabble and Boggle, and adapts them to a fun format for casual gamers.

There are tons of different ways to win points based on letter value, word length, double or triple letter scores, and power ups. Users can make words of any length, with any letters. Complete freedom of movement means no two rounds will ever be alike, even when replaying the same level!